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Understanding BMI

Health Reform is at the forefront of our client service these days, as we continue to monitor and digest the provisions that would affect our clients. All but one of our clients are maintaining their Grandfathered Plan status as we carefully limit changes in coverage. Some provisions of the law still lack even interim details, while others have already been interpreted and revised by HHS.

For our Grandfathered Plans, the changes that we know must be made on the first Plan anniversary following September 23, 2010 are 1) No preexisting conditions limitation for dependents under age 19, 2) Offer coverage to dependent children (IRS definition) up to age 26, whether single, married or a student unless the child has coverage available through their own employer and 3) No annual limits under $750,000 for essential benefits.

Does this sound a lot simpler? BMI will help our clients navigate through the shifting sands of legislation and Health Reform requirements. As your next few Plan years tick by, a few more minor changes will be required. But for Grandfathered Plans, most of Health Reform law will be required in the first Plan year beginning on or after January 1, 2014.

Governmental groups, like cities and school districts got a break and HHS recently extended their Health Reform changes to HIPAA opt-outs until the first Plan year after April 1, 2011. This should allow for more real-world feedback for those writing regulation details and hopefully result in a set of regulations that we all understand and can comply with. The focus for the next six months will be on compliance, rather than enforcement.

BMI continues to expand our cost-containment services and now provides Disease Management and target diagnosis reviews at no additional cost to our clients. These services will deepen the discounts and savings shared by groups and members, but they will also serve to educate and protect your covered employees who contract potentially chronic or expensive illnesses.

BMI continues to play a major role in our local market. The groups we serve require special knowledge and abilities by BMI staff to maximize their savings and client satisfaction.

For the latest in information about Health Reform, cost-containment or how to better manage your Plan, call BMI or click on the releases in our What’s New section.